Heroes of the River


The Origin and Heroic Lines of the
Heroes of the River


The Brothers’ War (9834 – 9849 K), the fifteen-war between Harn and Forn Norglithiad, culminated in The Battle of the River, a bloody, multi-day battle in and along the Delusîr, in which nearly every northern and southern Norglith Lord or Lady died in battle.

Harn Norglithiad, intent on retaking the north and reunifying the ancient elven forest of Norglithiad, had crossed the river, the north’s troops leaderless and wavering, when seventeed elves took up their dead lord’s standards and rallied their fellow troops, successfully defending the north, and leading to an armistice which has remained into the present.

In the end, eleven of the seventeen survived, and were given title – Heroes of the River – lands, and great eculea trees, the last trees crafted by the last who knew the art with which to craft them – archdruid Falael Mossheart. Their descendants forevermore are granted the honorific Heirs of the River, for their ancestor’s service to the realm.

The Delusîr, once teeming with life, now hosts only bare stone shores, undecaying bones, and a few fell water nymphs, twisted and driven mad by the river’s fell nature. On both sides, nearby wells dried up, and the only settlements are a single fort on either side, from which water must be carted in, as the river’s water cannot be drunk. Even those trees closest to the banks do not stretch their branches towards the river, reaching upwards instead.


The Heroes

  • Lord Haryk Aunglor
  • Lady Lorelei Brightsong I
  • Lord Ellisar Blackhelm
  • Lord Alinar Laelithar I
  • Lady Ara Dree
  • Lady Elora Moonsnow
  • Lady Talia Alvaerele Vyshaan
  • Lord Eglin Selorn
  • Lord Haryk Selakiir I
  • Lord Jharak Riverblade Liadon
  • Lord Orym Starglow

Heroes of the River

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