The Wars of Abscission


The Wars of Abscission
ai -3629 to 109


6349 K The Sûngylean Council orders the construction of The Black Temple of Elennash at Oreiad Dun, a great citadel and temple in the foothills of the Ammathrammas. The first ever taxation of Sûngylean elves is mandated.

6350 K The holy dwarven hold of Taryn Deep is established.

6375 K The Sûngylean Council begins the relocation of dark elves.

6376 K Norglithiad severs trade and political relations with Sûngylea after repeated requests for reconciliation and reparation for the massacre of Norglith elves go unanswered.

6434 K The Sûngylean Council elect Elennash to lead, as Solár Elennash.

6437 K Solár Elennash decrees that dark elves are forbidden to serve in the Cormæthor or hold political position.

6444 K Irothinna ends diplomatic relations with Sûngylea.

The Gods’ Wars (6445 – 7327 K)
  • 6445 K The Battle of Sharwood
  • 6461 – 6504 K The Garden War, the first Sûngylean civil war
  • 6504 K Sûngylea becomes the Uthtalyr Empire
  • 6631 – 6633 K The Ish Lu’ure War
  • 6651 K The goddess Ishanine is killed by the god Elennash
  • 6658 – 6660 K The Siege of Innalith
  • 6984 K The goddess Ilunarra is killed by the god Elennash
  • 7099 K Irothinna is absorbed into the Uthtalyr Empire
  • 7126 – 7160 K The Saltwood War
  • 7290 K The goddess Vyndria is mortally wounded by the god Elennash
  • 7292 K Norglithiad south of the Delusîr is absorbed into the Uthtalyr Empire
  • 7312 K Hulensgadh becomes a vassal of the Uthtalyr Empire
  • 7313 K The archdruid Eönethen is killed by the god Elennash
  • 7327 K Elebren intervenes, forcing Elennash back to the Black Temple, and the Gods’ Wars end

7478 K Elves of the Shieldwood set fire to to forests overrun with uluun, and the dwarves of the Eastern Wall flood it. This region becomes known as Sungan Swamp.

8100 K Around this date, wizards who had been tasked with researching the Unnad, a Rhevaantar-occupied eiluthîn ruin, disappear.

8124 K Uthtalyr ceases trade and relations with the great clans Deepthorn and Hammerfist for their function as an open corridor for wizards, weavers, and others fleeing Uthtalyr across the Brimwül Neck and through the Sleeping and Taryn Mountains.

8182 K Elennash bans the study of the arcane arts in Eilarûn. Over the next hundred years, all eiluthîn ruins will be magically sealed, arcane societies and places of study will be shut down, and their works destroyed.

8291 K Wizards and votaries lead commoners and soldiers in a series of attacks and occupations in Irothinna. Many walled towns and cities welcome the forces as saviors in what will become known as the Ishiil Uprising

8292 K The Ishiil Uprising disintegrates when a large force of Rhevaantar arrive from Sûngylea. Purges of wizards begin.

The Mage Wars (8327 – 9276 K)

The Axe Wars (9744 – 9977 K)
  • 9744 K The Axe Wars begin in late winter with the Autumnfire Uprising
  • 9754 K The War of Western Axes begins
  • 9781 K Forn Norglithiad begins their bid to reclaim Harn Norglithiad in the Arrows War
  • 9788-9790 K The Stone Uprising, or the First Irothi Civil War
  • 9789 K The First Sungylean Civil War; the Year of Blood and Ash
  • 9793 K Norglithiad is reunified
  • 9817 K Uthtalyr retreats from Hulensgadh, and the War of Western Axes ends.
  • 9834 K Norglithiad descends into civil war in the Brothers’ War
  • 9849 K The Battle of the River ends the Brothers’ War
  • 9886-9911 K The Second Sungylean Civil War
  • 9929-9950 K The Faerie War, or the Second Irothi Civil War
  • 9950 K Elebren leaves the Faeriewell, as the Godsblood War begins
  • 9977 K Elebren and Elennash, last of the elven gods, are killed or mortally wounded, and the Axe Wars end

The Wars of Abscission

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